22-Year-Old Woman Arrested Over Fake Rape Case ...

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22-Year-Old Woman Arrested Over Fake Rape Case ...

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23-Mar-2023 — Gurugram: A 22-year-old woman was arrested Thursday for allegedly falsely accusing two men of gang-raping her and extorting from them ₹ 2 lakh ...

Delhi woman files fake rape case against father-in-law with ...

India Today
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17-May-2023 — According to court, the woman had alleged that she was raped by her father-in-law. The woman's false charges were backed her own father, who is ...

Rape cases that proved false in India - GR

Ground Report
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08-Dec-2022 — List of False rape cases in India · Gurugram False Rape Case · Manager kills self After woman accusation sexual harassment · A girl from Jabalpur ...
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false case of rape

Indian Kanoon
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Gurmail Singh vs State Of Punjab And Anr on 7 January, 2022 · Sejal Sharma vs State Of Haryana on 23 September, 2021 · Atender Yadav vs State Govt Of Nct Of Delhi ...

False accusation of rape

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A false accusation of rape happens when a person states that they or another person have been raped when no rape has occurred.
‎Causes · ‎Estimates of prevalence · ‎Police handling of rape reports

False Rape Allegations: How It Can Ruin Lives And Affect ...

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Just like false dowry charges, false rape charges can be used by a woman and her family to accuse and silence the other party. Such charges are used as revenge

How to defend a False rape cases in India

Shonee Kapoor
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27-Sept-2022 — Try to provide your advocate with details revolving around the events that led to a false rape accusation against you. Do not hide anything from ...

Impact of Increasing false rape cases in India| Mojo Story

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Since the Nirbhaya Rape case happened in the year 2012 an alarming increase in the false rape cases being filed is recorded.
YouTube · Mojo Story · 04-Nov-2022

False Rape Accusation

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Get Latest News, Breaking News about False Rape Accusation. Stay connected to all updated on false rape accusation.

False Rape Allegations

Office of Justice Programs (.gov)
https://www.ojp.gov › ncjrs › virtual-library › abstracts
by EJ Kanin · Cited by 248 — This article addresses the issue of false rape allegations, which is the intentional reporting of a forcible rape by an alleged victim when no rape has occurred ...
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