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National Legal Council

(Legal Advocacy wing of All India Council of Human Rights, Liberties and Social Justice - AICHLS)

The National Legal Council (NLC)is a legal wing of ALL INDIA COUNCIL OF HUMAN RIGHTS, LIBERTIES & SOCIAL JUSTICE(AICHLS)is founded by Dr. Anthony Raju - Advocate , Supreme Court of India and a dynamic,dedicated , Internationally known HUMAN RIGHTS , PEACE ACTIVIST & SOCIAL WORKER and is one of India's foremost voices of Human Rights.All India Council of human rights, liberties & social justice has been added as a signatory to UNITED NATION GLOBAL COMPACT. The world's largest corporate responsibility initiative with nearly 12,000 business and non-business participants in 140 countries.

The National Legal Council (NLC) having a thousand Lawyers, Advocates in all over India, Largest associates partners of NLC in the country and dedicated to the use of the legal system to advance human rights in India and the sub-continent. The National Legal Council (NLC) collaborates with human rights groups, and grass-roots development and social movements to enforce the rights of poor marginalised people and to challenge oppression, exploitation, and discrimination against any group or individual on the grounds of caste, gender, disability, age, religion, language, ethnic group, sexual orientation, and health, economic or social status. The National Legal Council (NLC) provides pro bono legal services, conducts public interest litigation, engages in advocacy, conducts legal awareness programmes, investigates violations, publish and participates in campaigns.

It has several branches in India and abroad, having Thousands of dedicated volunteers. AICHLS is a social organization for the ignored, disregarded, over-looked, victimized, oppressed, depressed, tortured people of the society and it cultivates awareness in them with regard to their rights. AICHLS is a highly informative secured Human Rights Agency in the service of humanity with full Legal status.

The National Legal Council (NLC) is sworn to secure for all the citizens by inborn Human Rights, Liberties and Social Justice i.e

Justice, social economic and political - for everyone including the last person

Equality of status and of opportunity in all spheres of life, for individuals and communities and to promote among them all.

Fraternity assuring the dignity of the individual and the Unity and integrity of the Nation.