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International Institute of Human Rights Studies -IIHRS

( An Education wing of AICHLS)

All India Council of Human Rights , Liberties & Social Justice decided to accord autonomy to the International Institute of Human Rights Studies (IIHRS) by advising to get the co-sponsorship of different Universities for launching need based programmes at Diploma , Bachelor's, Master's as well as Doctoral levels.

We recognize that on a fundamental level, human rights research must transcend traditional academic boundaries, departments, and disciplines, reaching out to the practitioners’ world in the process, to address the ever-increasing complexities of human rights in a globalized world. IIHRS emphases on interdisciplinary, engagement, and globalism draw from and complement the strengths that have long characterized intellectual life.

IIHRS'S distinction is also earned through its active engagement with the world of human rights practitioners. This engagement informs the academic work while simultaneously challenging activists to assess and evaluate their approaches to human rights in the light of academic findings. IIHRS continues to be a leader in bridging the academic study of human rights and the worlds of advocacy and public policy.

At a time in which India is increasingly focusing on global issues, all of these components form and define the educational and instructional shape of human rights education at India, ensuring that it is focused on the real world challenges practitioners face, bringing voices and critically evaluating the movement from an interdisciplinary perspective.

IIHRS has been set up by All India Council of Human Rights, Liberties &in association with ST Xavier’s Society For Education, Research & Development, which is a Registered under the society registration act (xxi) 0f 1860 , govt of India , NCT , Delhi, vide regd no.: S/00837/NE , (Registered with planning commission of India vide - unique id: DL/2012/0050768) under partnership systems) , promoted by Likeminded professionals from the Industry and the HR CONFERENCE OF INDIA (A NETWORK OF HR PROFESSIONALS).

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Our objective is to train professionals with a comprehensive range of cognitive and intellectual.

All India Council of Human Rights , Liberties & Social Justice is fully committed to uplift the under privilege society to give them a right direction for their career in the world with very nominal fees structure.

We are inspired by Our Father of Nation Mahatma Gandhi “Education is a very important part of any developing country and bring down the poverty”

We are fully supporting the “National Movement of Right to Education”

All India Council of Human Rights , Liberties & Social Justice is fully supported by the trained and matured faculty, professionally qualified and well known in their field of specializations. The Education is imparted to compact groups of students liberally utilizing the developed educational technology, resources and the modules.

All India Council of Human Rights , Liberties & Social Justice awards its own Post Graduate, graduate, Diplomas, membership, fellowship and certificates for courses, which are not affiliated to any certified body of Central or State governments, but will be given preference by the employers.

Education : A Tool for the Elimination of Human Rights Violations

"Without education, we cannot see beyond ourselves and our narrow surroundings to the reality of global interdependence. Without education, we cannot realize how peoples of other races and religions share the same dreams, the same hopes. Without education, we cannot recognize the universality of human aims and aspirations." The then United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan