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(A dedicated Asian wing of All India Council of Human Rights, Liberties and Social Justice - AICHLS)

THE ASIAN HUMAN RIGHTS COUNCIL (AHRC) is a ASIAN unit of ALL INDIA COUNCIL OF HUMAN RIGHTS,LIBERTIES & SOCIAL JUSTICE(AICHLS) , prominent group of jurists and human rights activists in India & Asia. The AHRC is an independent, non-governmental body, which seeks to promote greater awareness and realization of human rights in the Asian region, and to mobilize Asian and international public opinion to obtain relief and redress for the victims of human rights violations. AHRC promotes civil and political rights, as well as economic, social and cultural rights.

AHRC endeavour to achieve the following objectives stated in the Asian Charter "Many Asian states have guarantees of human rights in their constitutions, and many of them have ratified international instruments on human rights. However, there continues to be a wide gap between rights enshrined in these documents and the abject reality that denies people their rights. Asian states must take urgent action to implement the human rights of their citizens and residents."


  • We seeks to achieve the following objectives:
  • Protect and promote human rights by monitoring, investigation, advocacy, and taking solidarity actions;
  • Work towards social equality, with particular emphasis on social groups who have suffered discrimination in the past, such as women and children and minorities, including Dalits;
  • Develop a speedy communication system using modern communication techniques to encourage quicker actions to protect human rights, redress wrongs and prevent violations in future;
  • Develop appropriate modes of human rights education and especially promote the folk school approach;
  • Promote appropriate legal and administrative reforms, particularly judicial and police reforms;
  • Develop close links with the victims of human rights violations to promote solidarity with victims, to preserve the memory of the victims and to organize significant commemorations linking large sections of people for the purpose of eliminating human rights violations;
  • Participate in peace making, reconciliation, conflict resolution, truth commissions and international tribunals;
  • Develop cultural and religious programmes for the promotion of human rights;
  • Encourage ratification of UN instruments and development of local legislation, law enforcement and judicial practices in keeping with such instruments, and assist the formation and functioning of national human rights commissions;
  • Promote the United Nations, particularly its human rights agencies and assist organisations and persons in Asia to utilize these agencies for better promotion and protection of human rights in Asia;
  • Work towards the development of regional human rights mechanisms and encourage people's participation in this process by promoting the Asian Human Rights Charter.
  • To create a sense of brotherhood, co-operation, mutual harmony, love and affection amongst the member of the society and also all Art, & Cultural, Education & Welfare.
  • To create an environment as well as an understanding that Human Rights can easily become vulnerable to abuse of various structures and processes of power and to examine the inter-dependence of and linkage between Human Rights and democracy, pluralism, development, ecological balance, peace and harmony at the national and international levels.
  • To train the young men and women for facing the challenges of the pluralistic society and the rising conflicts and tensions in the name of particularistic loyalties to caste, religion and culture and to work in close cooperation with national Human Rights commissions on women, minorities, S.C., S.T. and NGOs and media organizations for promoting Human Rights education.
  • To make people aware of “Human Rights duties”, privileges conduct training camps & workshops; establish old age homes, residential/vocational schools & colleges, research & medical colleges and Human Rights Camps.
  • To promote art & culture, maintain, encourage, and assist/help setting up Centers for promotion of Human Rights, Liberties, and Social Justice & Fundamental Rights.


  • The The Asian Human Rights Council (AHRC) recognizes the importance, in the short term, of according priority to effects to deal with present day human rights violations. Over the long run however, the The Asian Human Rights Council (AHRC)  feels that at least equal priority must be given to promotional work aimed at preventing the occurrence of such human rights violations in the future.
  • The Asian Human Rights Council (AHRC) will work along with local and regional human rights groups to create greater awareness of human rights groups and prevent their violation. Educational programs will be developed to mobilize community concern and response, and promote interdisciplinary cooperation between those whose work relates to aspects of human rights. More effective means of monitoring the human rights will be created. Human Rights law as relevant to the regional will also be developed. Further, the AHRC will provide recognition to those active within the human rights field, to support and safeguard their work.

The Asian human rights council (AHRC) is a Asian unit of all India council of human rights, liberties & social justice(AICHLS) is catering to from various desk :







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