We are pleased to inform you, that your name has been selected by theNATIONAL GOVERNING BODY and giving you theRESPONSIBILITYto carry out themain Aims and Objectives of the said Organizationto the people of India and society , for Peace, Harmony, Protecting and Promoting Human Rights, as enthusiastic member in the capacity as given below.

Your Responsibility As Vice Chairman – Central Disciplinary Action Committee

Reporting Working Committee National Governing Body

We request you to serve the community voluntarily , willingly and non-chargeable basis with full dedication , loyalty, commitment , integrity , veracity , honesty by respecting the Indian Law, Indian Constitutions, Society Instruction, By-Laws , and all other relevant Systems and the following conditions:

That ,Your Responsibility, Designation, Position in all the committee/council shall become null and void instantaneously on expiry of your provisional membership / ID card of the organization i.e. AICHLSJ/NLG/NCNB , which is subject to renewal within 30 days from the date of expiry.

That ,above responsibility is given in good faith , belief , expectation and trust and shall be withdrawn any time without any prior intimation if result is unsatisfactory ,disappointing , misrepresentation, impersonating , misusing or indulge in any unlawful activity or movement ,non - submission of Monthly report , expiry of your provisional membership / ID card etc., . The AICHLSJ/NLG/NCNB shall not be held responsible , liable , answerable , accountable for any of your misuse/misrepresentation, impersonating, by all legal mean and Law is free to take their own course of action.

That, The Above Responsibility,Designation, Position can be withdrawn any time if it is required for any reason or re- Responsibility,Re-designation,Re-position. That , The Decision of the National President is Final and binding to all.

That, All disputes subject to Delhi jurisdiction only. Contact your Immediate Seniors / Central Admin Office any time for any help

(NATIONAL COORDINATOR – CENTRAL OFFICE) – Official Phone: 011 41349791, 9711165451 / 9873087903 / 9873005424.

Must Check Circular on web site regularly to avoid any communication gap.

Official Email ID :

Web Site ,

Wishing you all the best,

Dr. Anthony Raju
National President
Date :

Signature of the member as token of acceptance
Date :

Note : Please send copy as token of acceptance of this letter by speed post and scan copy within 15 days after receiving the said letter, for the validation and confirmation of your Responsibility, Designation,Position in Committee/Council.