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Popular shop Year-end annual account is the lowest price challenge Osali Inflatable Drink Holders Floats Pack 12

Osali Inflatable Drink Holders, 12 Pack Drink Floats Inflatable


Osali Inflatable Drink Holders, 12 Pack Drink Floats Inflatable

Product description

SHARE MORE COOL AND FUN WITH YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS! This is cool designs for swimming, pool party, beach party and so on. It will provide you cold drink on a hot day.
The pool floats size please refer to actual measurement.

Package Including:
1 x Football Inflatable Drink Holder.
1 x Coconut tree Inflatable Drink Holder.
1 x Red flamingo Inflatable Drink Holder.
1 x Rose gold flamingo Inflatable Drink Holder.
1 x Pearly love Inflatable Drink Holder.
1 x Unites state Inflatable Drink Holder.
1 x pineapple Inflatable Drink Holder.
1 x Sea lion Inflatable Drink Holder.
1 x Yellow duck Inflatable Drink Holder.
1 x Double cherry Inflatable Drink Holder.
1 x Earless unicorn Inflatable Drink Holder.
1 x rainbow Inflatable Drink Holder.
1 x Inflatable needle.
1 x Storage bag.
Note: There might be a little color difference due to the display, camera or other factors, please refer to the physical products

Osali Inflatable Drink Holders, 12 Pack Drink Floats Inflatable

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