Round,/faineant339696.html,Collection,14K,Dazzlingrock,(ctw),Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,Gold,0.25,Carat,Diamond,$249, $249 Dazzlingrock Collection 0.25 Carat (ctw) 14K Gold Round Diamond Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women Round,/faineant339696.html,Collection,14K,Dazzlingrock,(ctw),Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,Gold,0.25,Carat,Diamond,$249, Dazzlingrock Collection 0.25 Carat Low price ctw Diamond Gold 14K Round $249 Dazzlingrock Collection 0.25 Carat (ctw) 14K Gold Round Diamond Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women Dazzlingrock Collection 0.25 Carat Low price ctw Diamond Gold 14K Round

Dazzlingrock Collection 0.25 Carat Low Max 84% OFF price ctw Diamond Gold 14K Round

Dazzlingrock Collection 0.25 Carat (ctw) 14K Gold Round Diamond


Dazzlingrock Collection 0.25 Carat (ctw) 14K Gold Round Diamond


Product Description

Jewelry Care Tips
Stackable Wedding Band Round Diamond Anniversary Band Wedding Anniversary Band
Anniversary Wedding Guard Contour Band Diamond Wedding Anniversary Stackable Band Dainty Anniversary Wedding Band Stackable Ring Princess Cut White Diamond Ladies Wedding Stackable Band
Metal stamp 14k 925 10k 10k
Metal Gold Sterling silver Gold Yellow gold
Gem type White diamond Black diamond White diamond Blue sapphire
Diamond setting Prongs Prongs Prongs Prongs
Number of stones 21 - 21 -
Stone shape Round Round Round Round

Dazzlingrock Collection 0.25 Carat (ctw) 14K Gold Round Diamond

Jewelry Repair

Your one-stop shop for repairs

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