$14 Franco Kids Room Window Curtains Drapes Set, 82" x 63", Trolls W Home Kitchen Home Décor /cookee340118.html,humanrightscouncil.in,Set,,Kids,x,W,Trolls,Drapes,$14,Franco,82",Window,Curtains,63",,Home Kitchen , Home Décor,Room Franco Kids Room Window Curtains Drapes 82" x Industry No. 1 W 63" Trolls Set $14 Franco Kids Room Window Curtains Drapes Set, 82" x 63", Trolls W Home Kitchen Home Décor Franco Kids Room Window Curtains Drapes 82" x Industry No. 1 W 63" Trolls Set /cookee340118.html,humanrightscouncil.in,Set,,Kids,x,W,Trolls,Drapes,$14,Franco,82",Window,Curtains,63",,Home Kitchen , Home Décor,Room

Franco Kids Room Window Curtains Drapes 82

Franco Kids Room Window Curtains Drapes Set, 82" x 63", Trolls W


Franco Kids Room Window Curtains Drapes Set, 82" x 63", Trolls W

Product description

Poppy brings the excitement of the Dreamworks feature Trolls World Tour to a window near you. Create a fun focal point in a child’s bedroom, nursery or playroom with help from the rainbow filled imagery on these high-quality drapes.

These adorable microfiber window curtains have the playful look and soft feel that kids love. Poppy character artwork pops against the vibrant rainbow-colored background. Use these drapes to create a cohesive look in a Trolls-themed room while also adding some privacy from the outside world. The drapery panels don’t block out sunlight completely, but rather filter it gently for a soft and comfortable look.

In Trolls World Tour, Poppy and the gang work together to unite the six troll tribes through music. Now fans can join in on the fun at home with colorful, high quality drapes that reflect the cheerful charm and inspiring messages of the Dreamworks animated feature.

Set is available in 63 inch length drapes or 84 inch length drapes.

Franco Kids Room Window Curtains Drapes Set, 82" x 63", Trolls W

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