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adidas Men's X Ghosted.2 Firm Ground Soccer Shoe


adidas Men's X Ghosted.2 Firm Ground Soccer Shoe

Product description

adidas male x ghosted.2 firm ground shoes.

Zapatillas de suelo firmes adidas macho x ghosted.2.

אדידס גברים x ghosted. 2 נעלי קרקע קשיחות.

adidas Male X Ghosted.2 Firm Ground Schuhe

حذاء اديداس للرجال اكس جوست 2 الثابت

Tênis Adidas masculino x ghosted.2.

adidas 愛迪達 男款 x ghosted.2 堅固地面鞋。

adidas 阿迪达斯 男 x ghosted.2 坚固地面鞋。

아디다스 남성 x 고스트드 2 단단한 그라운드 슈즈.

From the manufacturer

adidas Men's X Ghosted.2 Firm Ground Soccer Shoe

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The DBI building 15 Innovation Way and AP Biopharm (590 Avenue 1743) are resuming operations under a modified operating procedures. Only authorized persons may enter the building.


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  • Progress Lighting Piedmont Collection Four-Light Cage Entry Ligh
    We work on life science applications to address problems in human health, agriculture, and energy and the environment.
  • Education & Outreach

    Our Science for All Delawareans STEM initiative organizes K-12 tours, Delaware BioGENEius Challenge, and teacher professional development.
  • Resources & Facilities

    We have a variety of shared equipment and provide access to specialized technologies to facilitate research by academics and companies.
  • Our Partners

    We work closely with colleagues from the state, academic, and for profit sectors in Delaware and in the region.