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Merrell Mail order Havoc New Orleans Mall Moc Wells

Merrell Havoc Wells Moc


Merrell Havoc Wells Moc

Product description

This durable shoe will conquer any trail. The Havoc Wells Moc is equipped with mesh-lined leather uppers to wicks away moisture and a Vibram outsole for traction in all temperature and weather conditions. FEATURES Full grain leather and mesh upper Double gore for easy on and off Breathable mesh lining wicks to keep feet dry Molded nylon arch shank Kinetic Fit Base removable contoured insole for flexible support Merrell Air Cushion in the heel absorbs shock and adds stability EVA midsole for stability and comfort Vibram outsole for traction in all weather and temperature conditions Weight: 1lb 8oz / 340g

From the manufacturer

Merrell Havoc Wells Moc

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