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India: Death in the name of conscience

India: Death in the name of conscience ( (http://www.achrweb.org/reports/india/deathinthenameofconscience.pdf)http://www.achrweb.org/reports/india/deathinthenameofconscience.pdf (http://www.achrweb.org/reports/india/deathinthenameofconscience.pdf)) "India:...

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18 March 2015

Justice for Undertrials and Reducing Pre-Trial Detention

The Issue India has one of the highest pre-trial detainee populations in the world. Nearly two-thirds
18 March 2015


30 July 2015

The death penalty is inherently cruel and disheartening use of the death penalty in India

India has carried out its third execution in under three years, hanging a former accountant

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